Diners Club Wine List Award

We have been serving quality food and fine wines at Prosopa Restaurant for almost 15 years now!

Our wine list reflects the trends in the wine industry locally and worldwide as well as the tastes of our patrons. Within our first year of trading, and ever since, we have been awarded Platinum & Diamond Wine List Awards by Diners Club International.

We have selected various wines to represent most of the wine-growing regions of South Africa. Some of the wines are very well known, whereas others are from boutique wineries and garagiste winemakers which are not as renowned. We also offer a range of international wines which you will find listed amongst our South African wines as well as an exceptional selection of French Champagne for that special occasion or a grand celebration. Should such extravagance not be your cup of tea, our wine list offers wines to suit all tastes and pockets. Therefore you are bound to find a true gem that will suit your style!

Due to the list being so extensive it would be challenging to share an electronic copy. Therefore should you wish to make a wine selection for your guests before your event, you are more than welcome to pop in and have a look at our list at your leisure.

Corkage Policy We have taken great care and time to compile a wine list that caters to everybody’s taste. As much as we would understand enjoying a good meal with a great bottle of wine, we ask that you also understand that we have a no B.Y.O. (bring your own) policy. Should you have a truly rare bottle of wine, or any other you have been looking after for years, it is at the discretion of management to allow this bottle to be opened at Prosopa at a nominal charge.