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breads, dips & pickles
    pita bread topped with
country-style bread
yoghurt, cucumber, garlic
cod fish roe, onion, evoo, lemon
crumbed feta, green chilli, yoghurt, evoo
“All sorrows are less with bread.” - Not Tim Noakes
Add a dip or pickle to your bread order and make it as lean or as lavish as you wish.
 I know you all think you know what WTF stands for, but in this restaurant it stands for “Where’s the food?”
roasted garlic & feta 28 feta & herbs 26 roasted garlic 24 mixed herbs 22
35 38 40
                   Extra virgin olive oil - in case you’re wondering what evoo stands for!
skordalia 35 potato, evoo, garlic
labneh 35 yoghurt balls, evoo, herbs
baba ghanoush 35 roasted aubergine, garlic, tahini
marinated mushrooms 35 wine vinegar, evoo, herbs
hummus 35 chickpeas, tahini, evoo, lemon, garlic
feta 35 sun-dried tomato, herbs, chilli flakes, evoo
olive tapenade 38 capers, lemon zest, garlic, anchovies
marinated sweet peppers 35 wine vinegar, evoo
roasted sweet pepper hummus 44 chickpeas, tahini, herbs, evoo
kalamata olives 38 lemon zest, garlic, rosemary
From starter to finish, you’ll enjoy the Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir, and it goes especially well with our dips.
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Dino’s choice

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