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platters meze platter - Our speciality!
dolmades, keftedes, croquettes, spanakopitas, zucchini fritters, fried brinjals, skordalia, tzatziki,
for two 148 for four 278
Choose one of our combination platters or make your own and put together a sumptuous meal to share.
      Great with the elegant Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc from the Elgin region
herbed pita bread
[ add calamari 50 ]
for two 148
for four 278
vegetarian platter - Our speciality! dolmades, zucchini fritters, croquettes, spanakopitas, fried brinjals, fried zucchini, skordalia, tzatziki, herbed pita bread
 pikilia platter
 select 3 dips or pickles served with herbed pita bread & country-style bread
greek 88 tomatoes, balsamic vine tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce,
feta, green pepper, radish, red onion, kalamata olives
[ add avocado 18 ]
haloumi 88 tomatoes, balsamic vine tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, grissini sticks, marinated sweet peppers [ add avocado 18 ]
cherry tomatoes, lettuce, caperberries, pickled onions, feta dill yoghurt dressing [ add avocado 18 ]
crispy parma ham, cos lettuce, croutons, anchovy mayonnaise, parmesan shavings [ add chicken 38 ]
  “It’s been a pretty tough day,” she said. “No sense making it worse with a salad.”
- Susan Juby
roasted vegetable soup 68
thyme infused evoo
shellfish bisque - Our speciality! 78 brandy, dill, crème fraîche
“Anyone who
tells a lie has not pure heart, and cannot make good soup.” - Ludwig van Beethoven
   Dino’s choice

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